Introducing New Students from Tukuyu

Village visits with Africa Bridge folks. In the distance Lake Nyassa, one of the rift valley lakes. Photo by Stefanie Murrey
Village visits with Africa Bridge folks. In the distance is Lake Nyassa, one of the rift valley lakes. Photo by Stefanie Murray

While in Tukuyu, I interviewed and selected five students for sponsorship at the Tukuyu School of Nursing. These students are approximately half way through their first year, and will receive pocket money for the balance of their first year of studies. The costs for the second and third years of their studies will then be covered, including pocket money.

My evaluation of the students was based on:

  • Recommendations by the staff
  • Review of the autobiography written when they first come to the  school (thus, not for the purpose of obtaining assistance)
  • Review of the sponsorship application
  • A face to face interview

The selection was based primarily on financial need and secondarily on academic performance.

Beatrice Nwilongo                   Aisha Omary                     Rehema Mlay

Beatrice Nwilongo   Aisha Omary   Rehema Mlay

                          Frida Francis Andondile                Veronica Benedicto

Frida       Veronica

Following is a picture from a visit with Frida’s family:


It is a pretty lengthy process to review student files, explain our sponsorship program, interview students and subsequently help them obtain an email address and show them how to write emails. However, the end result is always satisfying.

I am now back in Moshi. I am expecting a visitor here tomorrow and will spend the next 4 or 5 days introducing her to the school, students and the sights around Moshi. This will be the subject of my next letter.

I will close with a fun picture of kids using the entry gate at the Tukuyu Nursing School as a swing.

happy kids!

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