Notes From The Field

Dear Friends,

This has been an exciting summer for Tanzania Nursing Scholarship Program (TNSP). Linda, Gail, Wendy and our new member Cherie travelled to Tanzania to visit current and graduated students, as well as to select new students for our program.

We began by visiting graduated students in Dar es Salaam. From there we travelled a very long, bumpy road across beautiful central, southern Tanzania to Tukuyu in the Southern Highlands. In Tukuyu/Mbeya we chose 11 new nursing students, visited a hospital, donated eyeglasses to an eye clinic, and visited old friends. We then travelled by bus to Dodoma through the some of the driest, most impoverished areas we have seen. In Dodoma we were greeted by old friends and both previous and current students. An eye-opening tour of a dispensary in rural Dodoma  illustrated the need for more nurses. A last bone jarring bus ride ended in Moshi. Moshi is the home of Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center (KCMC), the first school where TNSP sponsored students! Three new students were selected here. A joyous dinner with previous and current students reminded us of the importance of what we all do.


              “We will never forget what you have done for us!”
Dinner with graduated nursing students living and working in the Dar es Salaam area. Counter clockwise: Agnes, Wendy, Gail, Mwima, Jackline, Ninael, Linda, and Zubeda.


Cherie presenting medical research to current students at Tukuyu School of Nursing.
Students were very interested and excited, even when the power went out half way through the presentation!
Conclusion of the selection process for sponsorships. Newly sponsored students shyly smiling their appreciation for your donations supporting their nursing dreams!
Dinner with Nolasca the principal of the Tukuyu Nursing School (top, left) and the newly sponsored students. The students are happily wearing scarves donated by the Zonta Club of Berkshire County.


Makandana Regional Hospital is located next to the Tukuyu School of Nursing.

Hospital grounds with visitors and patients.
The female ward cubicles.
A labor and delivery stall, with a nurse observing the progression
of labor.
A newborn in the neonatal
intensive care unit.
             “Thank you for your generous help in providing glasses for those in need.”
Emanuel Ndosi, optometrist at Makandana Regional Hospital, accepts a donation of glasses from the office of Dr. David Kay, in Great Barrington. Thank you Sheila & Nancy!


In Mbeya, three third-year students were selected at Mbeya Operating Theatre Management: Ambopile, Yasinta and Huruma. We met them for lunch at the school cafeteria. All three were very excited to tell us about their experiences in the Labor & Delivery ward.


After the long bus ride to Dodoma, we were greeted by both current and previous students. Chiku (pictured with Wendy), is one of the first students chosen by TNSP in 2007. Chiku is currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree program and will graduate in 2018.

Our visit to a rural dispensary outside of Dodoma was eye-opening. All medical trash is discarded in an incineration pit. Other pictures are of the labor and delivery building, birthing table and hand washing areas. The regular staff of one nurse is supplemented by nursing students. The dryness of the area can be seen and water is a most precious commodity.


The last of our bone-breaking bus rides brought us to Moshi and KCMC School of Nursing. Edith, our student coordinator (left, top) and Juliet, the former principal (left, bottom) greeted us.

Dinner with the graduated sponsored students is pictured above.


  • We are looking to hear a positive response from several grant organizations.
  • Several service organizations (Zonta and Avon Rotary) have asked us to present.
  • Fall fundraiser teabag mailings are coming in September. Look forward to your hot cup of tea!
  • AND…

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