Author: Tony van Werkhooven

Happy New Year! More good news from our friends in Tanzania…

The family home Rebeca built for her family. See story below.


Dear friends,

Like many of you, we are in a stay-at-home mode as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. We are fortunate in that we are doing well—we hope the same for you.

A brief update:

Taking the long way around – more adventures in Tanzania

Dinner with students in Tukuyu and retired principal Ellen Mwandemele


Dear Friends,

In our last newsletter I told you about the Tanzania Nursing Scholarship Program (TNSP), what we do and how we select students for sponsorship. We strongly believe in being personally involved in selecting students to ensure that your donations are well spent. For this reason, we visit Tanzania at least once per year.

Our annual trip to TZ: the adventure begins!

Photo: Dinner with sponsored KCMC students and Principal Lilian Mejool (center)

Dear Friends:

I recently returned from a lengthy visit to Tanzania just in time to celebrate the holidays at home.  I would like to share with you, over the course of a few newsletters, my TNSP-related activities. First, I would like to remind you how the sponsorship program operates.