Our annual trip to TZ: the adventure begins!

Photo: Dinner with sponsored KCMC students and Principal Lilian Mejool (center)

Dear Friends:

I recently returned from a lengthy visit to Tanzania just in time to celebrate the holidays at home.  I would like to share with you, over the course of a few newsletters, my TNSP-related activities. First, I would like to remind you how the sponsorship program operates.

Back in Tanzania, with new friends and old!

Hello friends,

We hope you are enjoying the beginning of the autumn! This time of the year in Tanzania, our third-year students are studying hard for their national examinations and getting ready for graduation. We currently sponsor 32 students at four schools. Eleven of these will be graduating this fall, bringing the total number of graduates to 153!

Notes From Tanzania (Final)

Dear Friends,

This will be the last letter of my 2018 visit to Tanzania.